Vision & Mission

Vision Statement:


TKG GROUP will be a premier 100 percent First Nation owned business development group that supports regional social enterprise, seeks collaborations with other First Nations, creates key business alliances and partnerships, makes strategic investments, and uses profits to remain as a financially viable business organization that contributes to the development of healthy First Nation communities with vibrant economies that support future generations through employment, capacity building, participation in regional industries, thereby reducing poverty, while enhancing and promoting First Nation cultural and traditional activities.


Mission Statement:


TKG GROUP is a First Nation business development group in North Western Ontario that generates opportunities and benefits for its ownership communities.
To achieve its vision TKG GROUP;


  • Develops, plans, and creates (legacy) businesses with a regional focus that support the socio-economic development aspirations of its ownership communities.

  • Advances opportunities for community and human resource capacity building, while paying special attention to training and employment opportunities for First Nation youth,

  • Is developing streamlined operations with multi-talented and motivated staff to be able to respond to emerging opportunities quickly and effectively,

  • Is seeking out competitive pricing and delivery methods for a wide range of goods and services used by the TKG First Nation ownership communities.

  • Is actively facilitating and developing initiatives with other businesses corporations, First Nations, First Nation businesses, and Regional First Nation groups.