Corporate Responsibilities

Goals and Objectives


  1. To develop regional infrastructure businesses and services that will assist and enhance the services to the ThawiKayhiGan LP First Nation communities.

  2. To develop and increase the financial, monetary, and equity capacity of ThawiKayhiGan LP and the ThawiKayhiGan LP First Nation communities.

  3. To support, promote and assist in the business and community development initiatives of the ThawiKayhiGan LP First Nation communities.

  4. To promote and support the academic, training, mentorship, and employment readiness of the First Nation youth and First Nation members of the ThawiKayhiGan LP First Nation communities.

  5. To provide better and competitive logistics and procurements services to the ThawiKayhiGan LP and First Nation communities.

  6. To work closely and to foster better working relationships, partnerships and joint initiatives with other FN communities, business organizations and businesses.

  7. To gradually assist in the change of the current business atmosphere and the status quo of how business is done currently in terms of readiness, entrepreneurship, mainstream business concept and working togetherness.

  8. To be a vehicle for First Nations and First Nation business corporations to work together, benefit and partner on significant regional opportunities and projects.


First Nation Values


ThawiKayhiGan to practice, and maintain First Nation values; and utilization of First Nation values as guiding principles:


  • The First Nation’s value of sharing, and helping and contributing what one can.

  • Utilizing the communities’ spirit of self reliance in terms of knowledge, capabilities and resources if available.

  • Utilizing the communities’ spirit of working together as a group.

  • Respect for the youth, elders, and First Nation community members.

  • Respect for the environment, the air, land and water and to make sure the ThawiKayhiGan activities adhere and environmental impacts are controlled.

  • Respect for the elected First Nation leadership of the ThawiKayhiGan communities and other First Nation communities.

  • Respect for all regional Groups, First Nation Organizations, and First Nation political organizations.

  • Respect for the Elders of the First Nation communities and to depend on their wisdom and knowledge for guidance.

  • Respect for all people: elders, men, women, youth and children and not excluding any facets of the community.

  • Commitment for the development, training, and mentorship of the youth of the ThawiKayhiGan LP First Nations as leaders and visionaries of the future.

  • Strive to establish and maintain a harmonious working relationship and to work together in a partnership of trust.

  • To work together and cooperatively to maximize profitability of the ThawiKayhiGan LP businesses for the collective benefit of the ThawiKayhiGan LP First Nation people.