About TKG Group

Our Background


Thawikayhigan LP (TKG) is owned equally by Kingfisher Lake First Nation, Kasabonika Lake First Nation, Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug, Wapekeka, Wawakapewin, and Wunnumin Lake First Nations. TKG was established in November 2018 to secure contract work with the Watay Power Project.

TKG has been successful in establishing itself as a general contractor and securing a significant amount of contract work with Valard Construction LP (the EPC) as part of the Watay Project. Thus far TKG has crafted multiple alliances with reputable companies and worked on approx. 20 contracts are imminent or have started already.

From a legal perspective, the arrangements that TKG has established with its alliance partners are a blend of newly created limited partnerships, joint ventures, subcontracts, or a simple buy and sell arrangement.

From an operational perspective, the arrangements are a blend of service contracts (camp & catering, logistics) and supply contracts (fuel), with some of either showing potential for longevity. TKG generally refers to these opportunities as legacy opportunities.


Projects Undertaken


  • 30-Man Camp in Wawakapewin

  • Partnerships in right of way clearing Moncrief Construction LP for foundation work and right of way, Centerfire LP out of Alberta with right of way clearing

  • Northern Lights fuel sales

  • Helicopter agreement with Wisk Air

  • Dexterra Camp in Kingfisher Lake (Kitchen and accommodation services)

  • SP100 Training with Dexterra / Outland

  • Windigo camp services in Wawakapewin (Kitchen and accommodation services)

  • Galaxy Broadband for internet services at camp

  • Secure Store for Procurement Services and Winter Road Trucking

  • Riptyde Resources - Winter road hauling

  • Sold Propane, Signage, Culverts, Lumber, fuel

  • Synterra Security Services

  • Auscan Medics services (Provided medic services at camp)

  • Spirit Meat (sold meats to TKG communities)

  • Rowe Beef Co. (sold meats to TKG communities)


Strategic Plan, Vision and Direction


  1. Develop the vision and direction for the TKG Group.

  2. Identify specific priorities for the TKG Group; ensure the TKG Group has an effective strategic plan with community input; and review Strategic Plan annually. 


Communication and Consultation


  1. ThawiKayhiGan LP will develop a strategic communication action plan and model with the aim to strive and achieve full and timely communication of its activities to the TKG GROUP LP communities, to the Chiefs and Councils, and to the TKG GROUP LP board. 

  2. ThawiKayhiGan LP will follow the principle of having regular on-going consultation with the TKG GROUP LP communities, Chiefs and Councils, and the TKG Group LP board. 

  3. The ThawiKayhiGan LP board and each individual board member will be responsible to communicate to their respective ThawiKayhiGan LP First Nation community members, and the Chiefs and Council.

  4. ThawiKayhiGan LP will endeavor to make community visits gathering community information and knowledge as well as providing community education of TKG GROUP LP initiatives and activities.

  5. ThawiKayhiGan LP will use all modes of media sources and programs for its informational, promotional, community educational and orientational requirements.